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Welcome to Shalom magazine

Shalom magazine is published by RAD Publications LTD. An excellent quality colour magazine published quarterly. SM aims to bring a fresh insight into how your dreams and aspirations can truly be achieved; especially in these challenging times where most seem to be bound to a life of average / mediocrity! It will provide a spiritual grounding to the reader but not in anyway compromised in terms of quality.

People want to live a more fulfilled life but can’t seem to get past their immediate issues or, lack the knowledge to do so and therefore remain stagnant. Our mission is simply to help the reader in achieving his or her purpose and dreams by highlighting profiles of others who have made it in spite of all odds; showing them the ‘how to’ in getting from point A to B.

The typical reader will already have an idea of where they want to be in life but require a push in the right direction. Or may not have a specific idea or dream but have a longing to get more from life. It is aimed at both sexes with typical age range being 20 to late 40s, readership will however span beyond target audience.

Although SM is a faith based publication with a passion to see the Christian Community live a more productive life financially, without compromising his or her faith. However, it will appeal to anyone with the desire to make the best of life, irrespective of race, gender or religion.